OvitalMap Cross – platform

Fully support Microsoft, Apple, Android and other major platforms, your GIS planning and design on PC can be quickly synchronized to the mobile platform, and the data collected on the mobile terminal can also be quickly synchronized to the computer.

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Ovital Products

OvitalMap Personal

Smooth, fast, cross-platform map

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OvitalMap Enterprise

Secure, intensive data management, multi-level topology

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OvitalMap Personal Features

Mixes kinds of famous maps together, powerful function of design and reveal technology in Geographic information

Tracks classifying, extending, statistic and counting.

Relevancy of objects.

You can import CAD files into Ovitalmap to simulate true topography.

You can connect APPS TNC device.

You can connect BeiDou satellite communication positioning device.

Offline authorization.

Support simultaneously kinds of famous maps. add other user-defined maps when you need.

Import freely HD satellite images, aerial images.

Simulate three-dimensional map.

Map data management offline, including downloading, delemating, importing, exporting and so on.

You can record, share and issue your tracks.

Position sharing, following and recording.

You can share Ovital objects and the attachment in the cloud; And set permissions of sharing.

many object (such as blocks overlaying, user-defined icons and files) can been bound to signs.

The designated icons are built relation with the third application.

Elevation data management, including downloading, importing, exporting, data overlaying, importing data to CAD.

Data conversion. (mass conversion of coordinates ;photos making signs; signs making locus; sings making shapes)

Import/export signs (ovobj, kml, gpx, plt, dxf, CAD files and txt format )

Support Latitude and Longitude coordinate system varieties of s of plane coordinates.

Information retrieval: a variety of coordinates searching, roate searching, location and position searching.

You can measure distance, areas and angles.

You can map freely include signs, words, tracks, shapes and CAD.

HTTP agent

Save as pictures; print maps.

Web platform interaction.

You can interact with administrator on forum.

Provide voice navigation.

You can share message with friends.